TRO 1041
Gone Fishing
Panel $8.50
TRO 1042 3
Lures on
TRO 1043 1 Small
Game Fish on
Yellow $8.50
TRO 1044 2
Olive Green
Multi Marble
TRO 1044 3
Brown Multi
TRO 1045 1
Teal Olive Green
Brown Woodgrain
TRO 1045 2
Teal Green Blue
Olive Green
TRO 1045 3
Light Gold Dark
TRO 1046 1
Blue Clouds
TRO 1046 3
Ecru Clouds
Quilters Joy
1041 Emerson Ave
Benton Harbor MI 49022
Catch of The Day by Debbi Fields for Troy
Is there a Fisherman in your life? They would absolutely fall hook, line
and sinker for a snuggly quilt made out of Debbie Fields new line for
those cool early morning outings.
The fish and lures are so realistic that you can almost hear the water
splashing as the fish take the bait! Don't wait too long though these
fabrics may not be around long!
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