Quilters Joy
1041 Emerson Ave
Benton Harbor MI 49022
Quilt Diva by Amy Bradley
Quilt Diva is dedicated to those obsessive, die hard quilters she likes to call
"Quilt Divas". Maybe you know one; maybe you are one but either way you
know what it means: - Your fabric budget is larger than you grocery budget.
- You may have flaws in your underwear but you certainly won’t accept flaws
in your fabric. - You have made 2 quilts for every member of your family and
6 for your first grandchild - You no longer have a sewing room in your
house, you have a sewing wing! With colors and drawings as fun as her wit
this group will speak to all the "Divas".
13041 11 Pink
13041 14 Turquoise
13042 16 Yellow